Bengal Imams unhappy on Immersion prohibition on Muharram

Inkilab Desk:
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee issued a prohibition on immersion of Durga Idols for 24 hours after 6pm due to Muharram. But this order could not please many of leading class of West Bengal Muslims. They are feariqng of a communal division in current circumstances infested with disharmony.
According to Pirzada Twaha Siddiqui representing Furfura Sharif Dargah,

Qur’an says that you practice your religion and let others practice theirs. That means every one has freedom to practice own religion. Immersion would never be a problem for Muslims, be it day of Muharram or Eid.”

Shia cleric Syed Firoz Hussain Zaidi said,

“Muslims are not wishing to postpone festivals of other religions. We didn’t appeal CM for this. This is very personal decision of the administrative head of the state. 

There are concerns about public frenzy during Muharram and idol immersion. There are possibility of huge impact on traffic too. But cooperation and volunteering from organisers can play a positive role.
Notably, West Bengal experienced some ruckus due to communal violence in recent years. There have been allegation of illegal infiltration and Muslim appeasement against West Bengal Chief Minister. There are grudge over recruitment, reservation, disproportionate representation and many other issues among Muslim community too.

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