Kashmir: Burning Boundaries

Kashmir is situated in the North of India being the jewel of the crown. It was sold to Gulab Singh after Anglo-Sikh war resulting loss of Sikhs who ruled the Muslim Majority land since conquering by Ranjit Singh. Kashmir remained as princely state under British Raj like other 500 states. In 1946, Kashmir was relatively peaceful during Nation-wide riots.

Now, talking on the part that will not please many, but truth however unpleasant must be said.
In 1947, British rule in India ended with a partition. Jammu and Kashmir was included as Indian Territory.
Kashmiri Pundits enjoyed hierarchy during Princely State period. Sheikh Abdullah rose as mass leader from Ganderwal. After Independence, dispute began as many Kashmiri Punits opposed land reform. Gap widened on hose arrest of Sheikh Abdullah. There was a possibility to solve everything but all spoiled in rigged election of 1987. Valley erupt with violent protests. Pakistani influence fueled the situation. There were several infiltrations of former anti-Soviet fighters from Afghanistan. Governor Jagmohan planned exodus of Kashmiri Pundits. Armed forces with special Power Act were deployed in Kashmir. With these acts there were severe human rights violation are going in Kashmir. Still Kashmiris are living on volcano which may erupt anytime although there were some good news like Noori (goat).

But the allegations over scandals of flood relief in 2015 and firing pellets made situation worse. As the worsened situation feeds the vested interest of many influential figures, the situation demands some real anxiety. One thing is for sure, political isolation and the ongoing events will do no good for Kashmiris and the rest of the Country.

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