SIO August activities meets fulfilment

As per United Nations declaration that living with dignity is a very fundamental right of mankind. The right to life is a prerequisite for any other rights including dignity. As far as the Indian social scenario is concerned, SIO stated that these rights of oppressed communities (Muslims, Dalits, unprivileged communities) are being severely getting violated.

In such a milieu, SIO of India observing a nationwide ‘Human Dignity Campaign’ on 16-30 August 2017, on the demands of ‘Rejecting Victimhood | Reclaiming Dignity | Up Against Hate’. In this issue, West Bengal branch of SIO organised various programmes. Assistant PR Secretary, SIO Mr Sujauddin Ahmed took lead of the programmes. They also issued a press invitation on 29th August.

All the programs ended on 30th August 2017, Wednesday with a Mass Rally & Convention at 2 PM from Sahid Minar to Ramlila Park. Previously SIO made nationwide sensation with various works.

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