16 years after: What does 9/11 mean?

Inkilab Desk: After a Tuesday morning, world did not remain the same. Hijacked plane crash, Fall of burning towers…all these scenic impact changed the definition of terror, course of geo-politics, perception towards certain community and obviously fate of many. But what does this incident happened sixteen years ago mean today?
My Name is Khan: and I am not a terrorist
This was the name of famous SRK movie on the crisis of 9/11 aftermath. The same or similar consequences have been experienced by many families. As the suspects of 9/11 are Muslims, so threat of revenge was looming on any of Billions populated Muslims. So a counter narrative “I am a Muslim and I am not a terrorist.” were put through. Some even pointed towards Quranic verses as source of hatred and terror though such verses can be found in scriptures of other religions too.
Bur there are more hate crimes, caste related crimes even terrorist activities by done people of other faiths. There are no need for self-clatification in these cases. As simply they are not that out of strength or under that much of threat to be generalised to be discriminated.

Oil, Democracy and Unstablity
After 9/11, the affected country USA started culprit hunting. In this so called “War on terror” Taliban(former US ally against Soviets) ruled Afghanistan and Saddam (former US ally against Iran) ruled Iraq fell under US-led invasion. After a decade long violent search, main accused Osama Bin Laden was assassinated in secret operation. Iraq went on under mayhem of sectarian violence and suicide attacks.
Meanwhile some North African and West Asian countries saw popular uprising against dictatorship. Tunisia and Egypt saw change of regimes close to West. US led NATO started attack on Libya converting a country doing fair in Human Development Index into civil war ravaged fractured zones. Western powers fueled Syrian rebel groups resulting in rise of Daesh. Can be seen as Deja Vu of US role in Soviet-Afghan War.
Another equation can not be ignored. Iraq has oils. Afghanistan is geopolitically important. Libya is known for underground water storage. Military intervention in these countries is important for Western dominance. First democratically elected Egyptian President suffered coup after showing concerns over Nile Water.

Five Dancing Jew and…

There comes other side of stories too. Claims of five Jews dancing on WTC attack or Daesh leader is a Mosad agent have been floated. There are refuting attempts branding such claims as conspiracy theory. Still validity of the questions raised by such claims stays.
The Alt-right puzzle
Many countries saw the rise of certain xenophobic right-wing in power. Opposing immigration. The reigning parties of India, USA, Hungary have such tendency. These groups are on soar in France, Germany and many othThese group is much supportive of Israeli occupation. To gain from Islamiphobia is a common tendency of such parties. These groups have their own machinery for spreading negative propaganda about Muslims and the opposition they try to Mark sympathetic to Muslims. To derogate Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau he was even marked as love child of Cuban leader Fidel Castro.
What’s waiting?

The outcome of so long War on Terror can be interpreted as loss of stability in countries one by one and rise of more sofisticated Terror groups. Distrust among people are visibly disturbing. In this scenario the instance of Raisuddin “Rais” Bhuiyan former Bangladesh Air Force officer could lead us to solution. After the September 11 terror attacks, Mark Anthony Stroman shot Bhuiyan, attempting to kill him. Bhuiyan survived losing sight in one eye. But he appealed to the court to save Stroman from the death penalty saying,
“I’m trying to do my best not to allow the loss of another human life. I’ll knock on every door possible”.
He also added,
“In Islam it says that saving one human life is the same as saving the entire mankind. Since I forgave him, all those principles encouraged me to go even further, and stop his execution and save another human life”.
He started a movement named World Without Hate to prevent hate crimes working with Amnesty International.
In early days Stroman sent a letter to a friend from prison in 2002, saying the attacks were revenge:
“Here sits the Arab Slayer. For what he did, we should make him our mayor,”
“Patriotic, yes indeed, a true American, a special breed.”
But Bhuiyan’s movement changed Stroman who later wrote: “I have The Islamic Community Joining in [my legal defence]…Spearheaded by one Very Remarkable man Named Rais Bhuiyan, Who is a Survivor of My Hate. His deep Islamic Beliefs Have gave him the strength to Forgive the Un-forgiveable … that is truly Inspiring to me, and should be an Example for us all. The Hate, has to stop, we are all in this world together.”
Although Stroman faced execution, before told Bhuiyan before death,
“Thank you from my heart! I love you, bro. … You touched my heart. I would have never expected this.”

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